The Silent Boy - Andrew Taylor

After witnessing the murder of his mother Charles is struck dumb (or rather takes dumb) after the assailant tells him to “Say nothing. Not ever.” He is quickly whisked away to England by the Count de Quillion, one of the men potentially his father, to escape the Revolution, only for the specter of his mother’s murder to follow him to the quiet countryside of Charnwood House. Savill, Charles’ mother estranged husband, is sent to collect him only for the boy to go missing, what first seemed like a runaway turns out to be an abduction. But is this a fight for paternity or is someone out to ensure the Silent Boy remains silent.

I really wanted to enjoy this book as it is exactly my sort of read but I did not. This is quite a long book, 440 pages and I did not think much happened in it, when I was at 340 pages or so I realized that I could not think of much plot, there is not much to the plot and Taylor seems to drag it out and turns what could be an exciting read into a slow read. The first hundred pages or so are also a very slow and dull read.

Taylor does recreate the atmosphere very well, it does feel like you are there with the characters which is a bonus to the book. However I did not think there was much character development, none of them had much going for them and I did not find it enjoyable to read about their lives in this book. Having said that thee last 150 pages are quite exciting and this is when the plot picks up a bit and everything is resolved, I found this to be quite enjoyable and if only the book was a bit shorter then I feel that the whole book would have been a much better read.