The Shining - Stephen King

It been a long times, that I have read the shining by Stephen King. The last times, I read this book was my junior years in high school. I don't remember if I was in love with it or not.

I can see why the shining is well liken even today. I believe is because people fear of becoming Jack Torrance. There are no monsters here. There's no aliens or ghosts or things that go bump in the night. There's only a man. One man that tries to murder everyone he loves.

Jack is an alcoholic. There are times where he gets angry and bitter toward not just strangers, but his own family. BUT, there are also times where there is so much love between him and his wife and son. You can tell he cares about them and that he loves them. Metal deterioration comes into play along with a severe case of cabin fever which causes a bloody catastrophe for the Torrance family.

Very slow build-up, very specific world building, and very very realistic... which makes it scarier for the common person, especially one who has a family. Not only that, but his son Danny is five years old who doesn't fully understand what's happening to his family. And Wendy, a woman who has been abuse since childhood is stuck in cycle of abuse who stay with Jack due to her love for him and her son Danny.

Either way, these characters are easy to relate to and though the story may be long and uneventful until the end – it is sound. And I understood it better as I got older. This book is not for everyone especially, if people had bad experience with alcoholic and abuse.