20th Century Ghosts - Joe Hill, Christopher Golden

Really wanted to like this more than I did. I have already read two of his other novels (Horns, NOS4A2), so I was really excited to read this collection. I thought with his short stories, will be amazing without the pressure of having to sustain the excitement throughout an entire novel.

Sadly, I was wrong. First of all, Ninety percent of the stories were great ideas but it wasn't execute well. It felt bulk and it end up being abruptly, and in a way doesn't make no sense. Some of the stories were weird for being the sake of being weird, which I don't mind but the bulk of the endings just end, it get frustrating. A few stand out, but most of them you get to the last page and go "...what?", then move on.

In the end, this book just let down for my taste. If you are a huge fan of Joe Hill, this book may be your liken if you are interest in short stories.