Ashley Bell: A Novel - Dean Koontz

I have truly never read a book by Dean Koontz and if this book is any indication of what his writing style is like that I don't think I'll be reading another soon.


The premise of this book sounds extraordinary. I mean the reading the summary got me interesting that I eagerly dove into the book.


The book starts off by dropping a big emotional bomb on the reader, by having Bibi, a young woman with a promising career as a writer, diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. But, quickly pulls us out of that emotional pit when Bibi makes a miraculous recovery. Needing answers to why she was spared, Bibi chooses to meet with a medium and is told that her survival has a purpose… to save a girl named Ashley Bell.


Mr. Koontz then spends a lot of time on Bibi's childhood which I also found interesting even though I felt that the writing could have been briefer and less rambling. We learn some pretty strange facts about her parents and start to question all that Bibi thought she knew about her life.


After getting through another quarter of the book, I lost all interest. I did finish the book, though, and when I finally got to the end, I was ticked off beyond words. I hated the ending which made struggling for nearly two days with this book feel like a complete waste of time.


The actual writing and language in the book are very good, obviously, Koontz is a very skilled writer. This is why I gave it 2 stars and also for the imaginative story line. Maybe he just needs a new editor? This book was incredibly long and serious in needs of editing, not to mention the annoying two or three-page chapters.


Sadly I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone unless they are such fans that they want to read everything by Dean Koontz.


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